Arma tu look [el reto]

Hola, hola!
Hoy quiero animarles a que participen en esto conmigo!!

Hello, hello!
Today I want to encourage you to participate in this with me!

armatulook_instagram (1)30 días de pura moda para mostrar tu creatividad, tú estilo y salir de la rutina. Comparte una foto de tu look de acuerdo al reto del día en Instagram usando los hashtags: #Armatulook  #30diasdemoda y #RDstreetstyle. Del 1 al 30 de abril de 2014.

30 days of pure fashion to show your creativity, style and break the routine. Share a photo of your look according to the challenge of the day on Instagram using the hashtags: #30diasdemoda #Armatulook and #RDstreetstyle. From 1 to 30 April 2014.

1. Basic.
2. Total denim look
3. Your favorite color
4. Color blocking
5. Monochrome
6. Your best jeans
7. Animal print
8. Stripes
9. Pastel Colors
10. A striking accessory
11. Casual
12. Mix and match 
13. Your favorite shoes
14. Your garment obsession
15. Floral prints
16. A gift
17. Your style icon 
18. Polka dots
19. Vintage
20. Tomboy
21. Something that you almost never use
22. Something you always wear!
23. Sporty look 
24. Military  
25. Tropical prints
26. Something short
27. Wearing a tie or bowtie
28. Classic White Shirt
29. All black
30. Dress to impress and celebrate you turned this challenge! 😉

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